Drennan Loaded Crystal


  • Drennan Loaded Crystal Wagglers
  • Ideal for shallow or clear water where the fish can be ‘float shy’
  • As buoyant as peacock quill
  • Float capacity stated for each float is in addition to the loading of 1.5BB
  • Designed to be attached bottom end only
  • Used for all manner of species
  • Casts like a dream
  • Unobtrusive
  • Ideal for clear or shallow venues
  • Loaded
  • Interchangeable engraved weights


The Drennan Loaded Crystal Waggler floats are part of a large family of straight-tubed models that strike a perfect balance between float shyness and casting accuracy. They offer excellent buoyancy, comparable to peacock quills, making them an ideal choice for even the most elusive fish.

Each Drennan loaded crystal waggler is marked with its capacity to ensure the right weight is chosen based on the type or depth of the fish being targeted, with a maximum loading of 1/4oz per weight. These floats are a must-have for any angler looking for reliable and efficient equipment to improve their chances of catching the big one.

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1.0g, 1.5g, 2.0g, 2.5g, 3.0g

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