Drennan Crystal Waggler


  • Ideal for shallow or clear water
  • Highly buoyant, easy to cast and fish
  • Wide range of sizes from 0.4g (2 No4) to 3.2g (2 Swan)
  • Versatile for laying on in shallow margins or fishing across river or lake
  • Attach at bottom end


The Drennan Crystal Waggler Fishing Float is the perfect choice for fishing in shallow or clear water, where fish can be particularly sensitive to the presence of floats. Designed with precision and performance in mind, this float offers exceptional buoyancy, consistency, accuracy, and ease of use.
With a wide range of sizes available, from 0.4g (2 No4) to 3.2g (2 Swan), anglers have the flexibility to choose the ideal float for their specific fishing needs. Whether you’re laying on in shallow margins or fishing across a river or lake, the Crystal Waggler provides excellent versatility and adaptability.
When it comes to casting, this float excels. Its streamlined design ensures smooth and effortless casts, allowing you to reach your desired fishing spot with precision. Additionally, the Crystal Waggler is designed to be attached only at the bottom end, reducing any interference with the delicate presentation of your bait.
The Drennan Crystal Waggler Fishing Float is a reliable companion for anglers who value performance and finesse in their fishing tackle. Its combination of buoyancy, accuracy, and ease of use make it a top choice for those seeking success in shallow or clear water fishing situations.

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2.0g – 1/2AA, 2.5g – 3AA, 0.8g – 2BB, 3.2g – 2 Swan, 1.25g – 3BB, 0.6g – 1.5BB, 1.75g – 2AA

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