Guru Mini Method


  • In-line system
  • X-shaped arms minimise tangles
  • Weight forward loading
  • Interchangeable feeder system


Introducing the Guru Mini Method Feeder — a compact powerhouse designed to revolutionize your angling approach. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, this feeder is your ticket to angling success.
The Guru Mini Method Feeder boasts an advanced In-line system design that enhances both functionality and safety. Equipped with a dedicated hook bait platform, this feeder ensures that your presentation is spot-on every time. The inclusion of x-shaped solid vented arms adds an extra layer of efficiency, minimizing tangles and providing a superior grip for optimal bait dispersion.
Weight forward loading is a hallmark of this feeder, allowing for extended casting reach and remarkable accuracy. The feeder’s versatility is further amplified by its interchangeable feeder system, enabling you to adapt to a range of angling scenarios with ease. To ensure secure attachment and smooth operation, the Guru Mini Method Feeder is equipped with a tail rubber.
Available in two weights — 20g and 30g — this feeder caters to your specific preferences and fishing conditions. The Guru Mini Method Feeder stands as a testament to innovation, offering a comprehensive solution that combines design excellence with functional brilliance. It’s time to elevate your angling game with a tool that empowers you to achieve exceptional results, cast after cast.

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20g, 30g

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