Rage Rig Bin


  • Easy storage trace solution
  • Holds loads of pre-tied traces
  • High-density foam core
  • Swivel retaining strip
  • 20 rigs per strip

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Fox Rage Rig Bin, your hassle-free solution for storing pre-tied traces. We understand that managing your traces can be a challenge, but our Rig Bin is here to simplify the process and keep your gear organized without the risk of entanglement.
Effortless Trace Storage: Say goodbye to the frustration of tangled traces. The Fox Rage Rig Bin is designed to make storing pre-prepared traces a breeze. No more wrestling with snarled lines; your traces are neatly and securely organized.
Hook Storage: Featuring a high-density foam core, this bin offers a dedicated space for hook storage. Your hooks stay sharp and ready for action, ensuring that you’re always prepared to make the perfect cast.
Swivel Retaining Strip: With a swivel retaining strip capable of accommodating up to 20 rigs, you’ll have all your essential setups at your fingertips. Keep your traces and swivels in perfect order, allowing for quick and efficient rig changes.
In summary, this Rig Bin is the angler’s best friend when it comes to trace storage. It offers an easy and tangle-free solution for pre-tied traces, a dedicated hook storage area, and a swivel retaining strip for up to 20 rigs. Make your angling experience more enjoyable and organized with the Fox Rage Rig Bin.

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