Rage Side Cutters


  • Essential Pike tool
  • Perfect for trebles
  • Ideal for awkward unhooking
  • Steel construction
  • Gunmetal grey finish
  • Plastic easy find handles
  • 28cm length

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The Fox Rage Side Cutters are a vital tool for pike anglers and are perfectly suited for both predator and sea fishing. These cutters excel at handling trebles and are particularly ideal for managing awkward unhooking situations. Here are the key features of these essential tools:
Wide Applicability: Rage Side Cutters are versatile and essential for pike anglers, making them a perfect tool for a range of fishing situations, including both predator and sea fishing.
Treble-Friendly: These cutters are designed to be particularly effective when dealing with treble hooks, allowing you to remove them swiftly and with precision.
Awkward Unhooking: If you find yourself in challenging or awkward unhooking situations, these side cutters are your best ally. Their design simplifies the process and ensures that you can safely handle any fish.
Sturdy Steel Construction: Crafted from robust steel, the Rage Side Cutters are built to withstand the demands of angling, offering longevity and durability.
Gunmetal Grey Finish: The attractive gunmetal grey finish not only adds a touch of style but also enhances the resistance of the cutters to corrosion and wear over time.
Easy-Find Handles: Featuring bright red plastic handles, these cutters are easy to spot, ensuring that you can locate them quickly and efficiently, even in low-light conditions.
Generous Length: With a length of 28cm, these side cutters provide ample leverage and control, making them the perfect tool for various fishing situations.
Rage Side Cutters are indispensable tools for pike anglers, ensuring that you can safely and efficiently manage trebles and handle challenging unhooking scenarios. Their sturdy construction, versatile design, and generous length make them a valuable addition to your angling toolkit, enhancing your overall fishing experience.

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