Rage Power Grip Pliers


  • Safer deeper unhooking
  • Carbon steel
  • Double pivot points for more power
  • Angled grip points
  • Length 33cm

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Introducing the Fox Rage Power Grip Pliers – your essential tool for unhooking fish with precision, safety, and ease. These pliers are thoughtfully designed to reach deeper, providing you with the ability to unhook your catch without sacrificing power or accuracy, whether you’re angling from the bank or a boat.
Crafted from high-quality carbon steel and boasting an attractive gunmetal grey finish, these pliers are built to withstand the demands of fishing in various conditions. Their robust construction ensures they will be a long-lasting addition to your fishing gear.
The Fox Rage Power Grip Pliers are engineered to grant you access to those hard-to-reach hooks, ensuring a hassle-free unhooking experience. The inclusion of double pivot points in their design translates the power from the handles to the grip point evenly, giving you the control you need for a secure unhooking process.
Moreover, these pliers feature angled grip points, enhancing leverage and providing you with improved handling capabilities. Whether you’re dealing with small or large fish, these pliers are up to the task.
With a length of 33cm, they offer a comfortable reach for most fishing scenarios. These pliers are a must-have addition to your fishing toolkit, allowing you to unhook fish safely and efficiently, promoting fish welfare and ensuring a successful fishing trip. Upgrade your angling gear today with the Fox Rage Power Grip Pliers and experience the difference they can make on your fishing adventures.

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