Rage Crimping Pliers


  • Compress crimps without stress
  • Carbon steel
  • Bright red and black handles
  • 25cm length

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The Rage Crimping Pliers are the perfect tool for both predator and sea fishing, offering exceptional utility and ease of use. These pliers are designed to compress crimps without introducing stress, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Here are some key features:
Crimp Compression: The Rage Crimping Pliers are expertly engineered to compress crimps without subjecting them to stress, making them an invaluable tool for anglers who demand precision and reliability in their connections.
Carbon Steel Construction: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, these pliers are built to withstand the rigors of both predator and sea fishing. Their durability ensures that they remain a dependable tool in your angling arsenal.
Bright Red and Black Handles: The pliers feature ergonomic, bright red and black handles that are easy to spot and comfortable to use. These handles enhance your grip and control, making them a pleasure to work with.
Generous Length: Measuring 25cm in length, these pliers provide ample leverage and control, ensuring that you have the reach and power you need to tackle a wide range of fishing situations.
The Rage Crimping Pliers are the go-to choice for anglers who prioritize secure and stress-free crimps. Their carbon steel construction, ergonomic handles, and generous length make them a versatile and reliable tool, ideal for both predator and sea fishing pursuits.

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