Drennan Slim Crimps


  • Drennan Pike Rig Slim Crimps
  • Strongest most reliable pike rigs
  • Flatten the crimp in three central places
  • Pack of 50


Drennan Slim Crimps are specially designed for pike fishing and are the go-to choice for creating strong and reliable pike rigs. These crimps are essential for ensuring secure connections between your mainline and traces, giving you the confidence to tackle even the toughest pike.
The unique feature of Drennan Slim Crimps lies in their design. Each crimp is flattened in three central places, providing maximum strength and holding power. This innovative design minimizes the risk of slippage or failure, allowing you to fish with peace of mind.
With a pack of 50 crimps, you’ll have an ample supply to cover multiple fishing sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned pike angler or just starting out, Drennan Slim Crimps are a must-have item in your tackle box. Elevate your pike fishing experience with these reliable and durable crimps, and enjoy the thrill of landing those prized pike.

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0.75mm, 0.9mm, 1.1mm

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