Dynamite Betaine Green Pellets


  • Creates an aggressive feeding response
  • Maximum attraction with low feed
  • Ideal for pressured fish
  • Work well in harder conditions


Dynamite Betaine Green Pellets are a true gem in the world of fishing baits, offering anglers a premium option that’s brimming with quality and attraction. At the heart of these pellets lies a carefully crafted blend of some of the finest fish meals available. Dynamite Baits, a brand renowned for its commitment to excellence, has harnessed its unique Koi technology to infuse these pellets with an irresistible appeal that fish simply can’t resist.

The secret behind the effectiveness of these pellets lies in their exclusive feeding triggers and highly digestible fish proteins. These elements work in tandem to create a feeding frenzy among fish, making Dynamite Betaine Green Pellets a powerful tool in your angling arsenal. They are designed to provoke an aggressive feeding response, ensuring that your target species can’t resist the temptation.

What truly sets these pellets apart is their ability to deliver maximum attraction with minimal feed. This characteristic makes them perfect for scenarios where you need to be strategic about your baiting approach. Whether you’re targeting pressured fish that have become wary of excessive baiting or facing challenging fishing conditions, these pellets offer a solution that can tilt the odds in your favor.

In conclusion, Dynamite Betaine Green Pellets are more than just a fishing bait; they’re a game-changer for anglers seeking an edge in their pursuit of elusive catches. With top-quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology, these pellets are a must-have addition to your fishing gear, ensuring that you’re always well-prepared to tackle any fishing challenge that comes your way.

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2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm

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