Rage Diamond Eye Swivel


  • Tapered eye rig swivels
  • Accommodates crimp covers
  • Added protection for knot

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Introducing the Rage Diamond Swivel, a must-have component for your pike rigs that offers both functionality and protection. These swivels come with tapered eyes, which make them ideal for pike rigs and ensure smooth and efficient movement.
Key Features:
Tapered Eye Design: The tapered eye of these swivels is specifically designed for pike rigs, providing excellent performance and flexibility in your angling pursuits.
Enhanced Protection: What sets these swivels apart is their compatibility with trace crimp covers. These covers can easily slide over the top of the swivel, providing an extra layer of protection for your crimp or knot. This added protection ensures the integrity of your connections while also safeguarding your gear against wear and tear.
With Rage Diamond Swivels in your tackle box, you can enhance the reliability and longevity of your pike rigs while also ensuring that your knots and crimps remain securely shielded, all contributing to a more successful and enjoyable angling experience.

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