ESP Grip Stops


  • Short sections of tubing
  • Perfect stop for any rig
  • Use where swivel or ring is sliding
  • Grips securely
  • Will not move on cast
  • Effective stops for rig rings and Hook Ring Swivels
  • Mixed pack of 40

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Explore the convenience and effectiveness of ESP Grip Stops, the ultimate solution to prevent swivels or rings from shifting on your hook shank, ensuring your angling experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

ESP Grip Stops are meticulously designed as short sections of tubing that securely grip different wire diameters, guaranteeing a secure hold. Their robust grip ensures that they stay firmly in place during casts, making them particularly suitable for rigs where a swivel or ring may otherwise slide along the hook shank, causing line twist and disrupting your angling flow.

One of the key features of ESP Grip Stops is the thick wall of the tubing, which serves as an effective stop for rig rings and hook ring swivels, especially when using rigs like Ronnie Rigs. This stoppage capability is invaluable, particularly when fishing under pressure, as it ensures that your setup remains in the desired configuration.

Each package of Grip Stops includes a mixed selection of 40 translucent brown and green stops. This variety allows you to choose the color that best matches your rig, adding an element of customization to your setup.

Key Features of ESP Grip Stops:

  1. Prevent Swivel or Ring Movement: These grip stops are designed to keep swivels or rings from shifting on the hook shank, reducing line twist and enhancing casting performance.
  2. Securely Grip Different Wire Diameters: ESP Grip Stops provide a firm hold on various wire diameters, making them compatible with a wide range of rigs.
  3. Effective Tubing Wall: The thick tubing wall acts as a reliable stop for rig rings and hook ring swivels, even in challenging angling conditions.
  4. Mixed Pack of 40 Translucent Brown and Green: The assortment of colors allows you to select the most suitable stop for your rig, adding a personalized touch to your setup.

By incorporating these grip stops into your angling gear, you’re ensuring that your swivels and rings stay firmly in place, preventing line twist and enhancing your casting performance. These versatile grip stops are designed to offer reliability and ease of use, making them an essential tool for any angler. Order your ESP Grip Stops today and take a significant step toward improving your chances of landing that big, elusive catch.

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