ESP Super Floss


  • Wide flat profile
  • Secure grip without cutting in
  • Extra strong
  • Waxed; Unscented
  • 50m spool

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Introducing the ESP Super Floss, a game-changing addition to your angling arsenal that’s designed to revolutionize your bait presentation. With its wide, flat profile, this Super Floss from ESP offers a secure grip that won’t compromise your bait’s integrity, making it a perfect choice for various applications. Whether you’re using pop-ups, bottom baits, or other bait variations, this floss guarantees a reliable grip that keeps your bait in place, even when it becomes slightly swollen. This is especially advantageous for pierced baits on hair rigs, where maintaining the bait’s position is crucial.
One of the standout features of ESP Super Floss is its exceptional versatility. Not only does it excel with traditional pop-up rigs, but it also showcases its effectiveness across a range of angling scenarios. Its flat profile ensures a snug hold without causing any harm, allowing your bait to stay secure during casts, retrieves, and while it’s in the water. This level of reliability is a boon for active anglers seeking a hassle-free solution to bait attachment.
Crafted to deliver strength and performance, ESP Super Floss is your go-to choice for achieving the perfect presentation. With an extra-strong build, it provides the confidence you need to cast out knowing your bait will remain securely in place. The waxed, unscented nature of the floss further enhances its practicality, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the scent profile of your chosen bait.
The convenience of the 50m spool size makes this Floss a valuable addition to any tackle box. Whether you’re a seasoned carp angler or an enthusiast just starting out, having this floss on hand is a strategic move that can elevate your bait presentation game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fishing success with ESP Super Floss – the ultimate companion for achieving consistent and effective bait presentation.

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