ESP Big Eye Swivels


  • Size 9 with enlarged ring eye
  • Super strong
  • Ideal for helicopter rigs
  • Provides less resistance
  • Ideal for running lead rigs
  • Perfect for marker float set-ups
  • 15 per pack

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Introducing the ESP Big-Eye Swivels, your answer to achieving impeccable rotation and mitigating line twist, even when faced with substantial angling pressure. These swivels are engineered for superlative strength and are tailor-made for helicopter rigs, setting a new standard of performance in the world of angling accessories.

At their core, ESP Big-Eye Swivels are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring their resilience even in the most demanding fishing conditions. Their robust design guarantees that they can withstand the pressures of intense angling, making them a reliable choice for anglers who venture into challenging environments.

One of the primary applications of these swivels is in helicopter rigs, where they truly shine. The enlarged ring eye simplifies the threading of the swivel onto the leadcore, and their capacity for smooth rotation helps stave off the dreaded issue of line twist. These swivels ensure that you have control over your line and bait, enhancing your chances of success in landing your target catch.

Key Features of the ESP Big-Eye Swivels:

  1. Super Strength: Crafted from top-tier materials, these swivels are engineered to excel in demanding conditions, ensuring they remain sturdy and reliable.
  2. Helicopter Rig Expertise: The enlarged ring eye streamlines the process of securing the swivel onto the leadcore, while the smooth rotation capability actively prevents line twist. This feature enhances your angling efficiency and gives you the edge when battling powerful fish.
  3. Standard Size 9: Their standard size ensures compatibility with most rigs, offering versatility to accommodate various angling styles and preferences.
  4. Enlarged Ring Eye: This innovative design element provides additional clearance, ensuring your setups perform with exceptional smoothness and encounter minimal resistance.
  5. Versatile Applications: ESP Big-Eye Swivels are not limited to helicopter rigs alone. They also shine in running lead arrangements and marker float setups, proving their worth across various angling scenarios.

When you invest in ESP Big-Eye Swivels, you are taking a step toward enhancing your angling capabilities and increasing your likelihood of landing that prized big fish. These swivels are a testament to the commitment to innovation and quality, making them a must-have addition to your angling gear. Order your ESP Big-Eye Swivels today and unlock a world of angling possibilities that can lead you to your dream catch.

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