ESP Metal Bait Screw


  • Strong enough for hard baits
  • Ideal for D and Ronnie rigs
  • Change hookbait in seconds
  • Matt black finish.
  • 10 per pack

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The ESP Metal Bait Screw is the ultimate solution for ensuring the secure attachment of your hookbait to your rig while providing you with a range of benefits that can substantially enhance your angling experience. These metal bait screws are expertly crafted for strength, designed to penetrate even hard baits with ease. They are tailor-made for popular rig setups like D-rigs and ‘Ronnie’ rigs, offering an array of advantages that go beyond mere convenience.

One of the standout features of the ESP Metal Bait Screw is their remarkable strength, allowing them to securely fasten into hard baits. This attribute is particularly valuable when you’re using D-rigs and ‘Ronnie’ rigs, as it ensures a rock-solid connection between your hookbait and your rig. What sets these bait screws apart is their ability to facilitate quick and effortless hookbait changes. In the fast-paced world of angling, this is a tremendous time-saver, especially when you’re juggling multiple rods and seeking to maximize your efficiency on the water.

Each pack of ESP Metal Bait Screws contains ten screws, ensuring that you have a lasting supply that will see you through numerous angling sessions. Their practicality is further accentuated by a matt black finish, rendering them less conspicuous to the fish, helping you maintain a low profile and increasing your chances of success.

Key Features of the ESP Metal Bait Screw:

  1. Exceptional Strength: Crafted from metal, these bait screws are engineered for robustness, making them ideal for use with hard baits.
  2. Quick and Effortless Bait Changes: The unique design of these screws enables rapid hookbait changes, a valuable feature, especially when managing multiple rods and seeking to adapt to changing conditions swiftly.
  3. Generous Pack Size: Each purchase includes packs of ten bait screws, ensuring you have an ample supply to last you across numerous angling sessions.
  4. Low-Visibility Finish: The matt black finish of these bait screws minimizes their visibility to the fish, helping you maintain a discreet profile while angling.

By adding ESP Metal Bait Screws to your angling arsenal, you’re equipping yourself with a versatile and time-saving tool that can significantly improve your chances of landing a big catch. Whether you’re using D-rigs, ‘Ronnie’ rigs, or any other bait setup, these bait screws provide a level of security and adaptability that can make a substantial difference on the water. Order your ESP Metal Bait Screws today and take a step towards angling success with confidence.

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