Dynamite Source White Pop-Ups


  • Highly visual hook baits
  • Ideal in all water conditions
  • Proven attractants
  • Super buoyant and resilient
  • Concentrated flavour booster


Dynamite Source White Pop-Ups are highly-visual hook baits designed to stand out in all water conditions, making them perfect when fishing singles. These pop-ups are infused with proven attractants, palatants, and feed triggers to entice carp and other fish to take a bite. With a range of popular colours available, you can choose the one that suits the fishing conditions best.
The Source White Pop-Ups are super buoyant and resilient, ensuring they will stay afloat and remain effective even during extended fishing sessions. They come in three different sizes: 10mm (UK Only), 15mm, and 20mm (Export Only), catering to various fishing preferences and tactics.
For added convenience and effectiveness, the dumbbells are supplied in mixed pots for 10/15mm sizes, and there’s a concentrated flavour booster available for both 10/15mm and 20mm sizes. This allows you to customize your hook bait presentation and enhance the attraction for your target species.
With Dynamite Source White Pop-Ups, you can fish with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and potent hook bait to entice those elusive carp and other fish to bite. These pop-ups are a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box, providing a versatile and effective tool for successful fishing sessions.

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10mm, 15mm

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