Drennan Float Fish


  • Ideal for stick float fishing
  • Perfect for lakes and rivers
  • Olive green colour
  • Gloss surface finish
  • Superb knot strength
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to shot damage
  • Low memory
  • 100m spool


Drennan Float Fish Mono is a high-quality fishing line designed for anglers who enjoy float fishing. Available in 100m spools, this monofilament line features an attractive olive green color and a glossy surface finish. It is specifically engineered to provide superb knot strength, ensuring secure connections between your tackle components. The line also offers excellent abrasion resistance, protecting it against rough underwater obstacles.

One of the standout features of this fishing line is its resistance to shot damage. This means you can confidently use split shot weights without worrying about damaging or weakening the line. Additionally, the line has low memory, which helps reduce line twists and tangles, resulting in smoother casts and improved overall performance.

With its versatile characteristics, Drennan Float Fish Mono is not limited to float fishing alone. It can also be used as a reliable reel line for various fishing techniques. Whether you’re targeting freshwater species or venturing into saltwater environments, this monofilament line provides the durability and strength needed to handle demanding fishing conditions.

Choose Drennan Float Fish for its exceptional knot strength, great abrasion resistance, resistance to shot damage, low memory, and versatility. Trust in its performance and rely on it to enhance your fishing experience on the water.

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2.6lb 0.14mm, 3.2lb 0.16mm, 4.4lb 0.18mm, 5.0lb 0.20mm, 6.0lb 0.22mm

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