Dynamite Specimen Meat


  • Ultra low fat meat
  • Quick sinking
  • Idea for hair riggingt
  • Packed with flavour
  • Ideal for match, coarse, and specimen
  • Designed for river anglers and carpers
  • Super durable
  • Great for barbel or chub
  • Vacuum sealed freshness

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Dynamite Specimen Luncheon Meat is a high-quality bait option for anglers seeking to attract big fish. This ultra-low fat meat has several features that make it effective in various fishing scenarios. It sinks quickly, ensuring it reaches the desired fishing zone promptly. The meat is durable, allowing for hair rigging or direct hooking without falling apart easily.

What sets this luncheon meat apart is its flavour profile, packed with enticing aromas that attract big fish to your bait. It is an ideal choice for match, coarse, and specimen anglers, catering to a wide range of fishing styles. Designed specifically for big fish river anglers and carpers, it offers the durability required to handle powerful fish.

Whether you choose to hair rig the meat or rip off a chunk and hook it directly, it maintains its integrity throughout your fishing session. This makes it a great option for rolling meat for barbel or chub fishing, providing consistent performance.

To ensure freshness, the Dynamite Specimen Luncheon Meat is vacuum-sealed in packs, preserving its quality and appeal. This convenient packaging also allows for easy storage and transportation, ensuring you always have fresh bait at your disposal.

In summary, Dynamite Specimen Luncheon Meat is a versatile and reliable choice for anglers looking to attract big fish. Its low-fat composition, quick sinking ability, durability, and enticing flavour make it a go-to option for match, coarse, and specimen fishing. Whether you’re targeting river fish or carp, this luncheon meat delivers consistent performance and retains its freshness thanks to its vacuum-sealed packaging.

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