Drennan Elastic Connectors


  • Pole Elastic Connectors with a unique locking sleeve
  • Rig cannot come off during fishing
  • Two per pack
  • Micro – 1-4 elastic rating
  • Small – 4-8 elastic rating
  • Medium – 8-14 elastic rating
  • Large – 14-20 elastic rating


The Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors are essential accessories for anglers using pole elastic systems. Designed with a unique locking sleeve, these connectors provide a secure and reliable connection between the elastic and the rig, ensuring that your rig stays in place during fishing.
With the Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors, you can fish with confidence, knowing that your rig will not come off unintentionally. This feature is especially important when battling with larger and more powerful fish.
Each pack of Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors contains two connectors, giving you a spare or allowing you to set up multiple rigs with ease. The connectors are available in different sizes to accommodate various elastic ratings, ensuring compatibility with different fishing scenarios. The options include:
Micro: Designed for elastic ratings ranging from 1 to 4, the Micro connectors are suitable for lighter fishing situations where finesse and sensitivity are key.
Small: With an elastic rating range of 4 to 8, the Small connectors offer versatility and reliability for a wide range of fishing conditions.
Medium: The Medium connectors cover an elastic rating range of 8 to 14, providing the strength and resilience needed to handle larger and more spirited fish.
Large: Designed for elastic ratings from 14 to 20, the Large connectors are ideal for tackling powerful fish and challenging fishing situations.
Choose the appropriate size of Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors based on your elastic rating and fishing requirements. With their unique locking sleeve and reliable performance, these connectors will enhance your fishing experience and provide peace of mind on the water. Upgrade your pole elastic system with Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors and enjoy a secure and hassle-free fishing setup.

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Micro, Small, Medium, Large

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