Drennan Margin Bungee Bush


  • PTFE pole tip bushes
  • Fit without adhesive or cutting back
  • Colour coded to Drennan pole elastics


The Drennan Margin Bungee Bush is a collection of high-quality PTFE bushes meticulously designed to effortlessly fit Drennan Top Sections without the need for adhesive or cutting back.

Colour-coded bushes, perfectly matching Drennan pole elastics, for easy identification and utilisation by even the most organised anglers.

For those using other brand top sections, the serrated portion of the Drennan Margin Bungee Bush provides a reliable and positive fit after being cut back to a uniform length.

Margin Easy Fit Bungee Bushes boast a standard 5.4mm outer diameter (O.D) and come with three different internal diameters: Pink (3.2mm), Red (3.5mm), and Orange (4.1mm), making them ideal for margin fishing.

Carp Easy Fit Bungee Bushes feature a standard 4.7mm O.D and offer five internal diameters: Aqua (2.0mm), Green (2.3mm), Yellow (2.6mm), Pink (3.2mm), and Red (3.5mm). These versatile options cater to various carp fishing scenarios, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Match Easy Fit Bungee Bushes, with a standard 3.5mm O.D, are specifically designed to accommodate solid elastics and the lightest bungees. This category includes internal diameters of Grey (1.7mm), Aqua (2.0mm), and Green (2.3mm), making them perfect for match anglers seeking precision and finesse in their setups.

Elevate your angling experience with the Drennan Margin Bush range, offering easy fitment, durability, and compatibility for a wide range of pole elastics and angling styles. Organise your gear efficiently and fish with confidence using these meticulously crafted PTFE bushes.

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1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.6mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.1mm

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