Drennan Carp 3 Rig


  • Commercial carp rig
  • Use straight from the pack
  • Balanced line and hooklength
  • Strong reliable knots
  • Extra strong pole winder
  • Printed rig info


Experience angling excellence with the Drennan Pole Rig Carp 3, specifically designed to excel in open water and deeper swims. This rig is the perfect companion for those seeking a reliable and effective setup in such environments.
Featuring an extra buoyant 2.5mm Glow Tip, this rig offers unparalleled visibility, ensuring you never miss a subtle bite or movement. Its enhanced buoyancy allows for confident use of large hook baits, providing you with the flexibility to target bigger catches with ease. With this Glow Tip leading the way, you can fish with utmost confidence, knowing that you have a clear line of sight to every moment of action.
Accompanying the buoyant Glow Tip is the size 14 Wide Gape Carp hook, renowned for its strength and reliability. This robust hook is an ideal match for a variety of bait options, including pellets, meat, sweetcorn, worms, and bunches of maggots. Its extra strength ensures secure hook holds, giving you the peace of mind to tackle even the most powerful of carp.
The Drennan Pole Rig Carp 3 is a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship. Its construction is engineered to withstand the challenges of open water and deeper swims, providing you with a rig that is both durable and dependable.
Embrace the versatility and performance of the Drennan Pole Rig Carp 3, and unlock a world of possibilities in your angling pursuits. This rig is your ticket to confidently targeting larger catches in open water and deeper swims, all while enjoying the reliability and functionality that Drennan rigs are known for. Get ready to elevate your fishing experience and embrace the joy of landing your dream carp.

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