Drennan Carp 2 Rig


  • Commercial carp rig
  • Use straight from the pack
  • Balanced line and hooklength
  • Strong reliable knots
  • Extra strong pole winder
  • Printed rig info


Embrace the outstanding capabilities of the Drennan Pole Rig Carp 2, a remarkable addition to any angler’s arsenal. This rig, carefully crafted with precision and expertise, is a go-to choice for various fishing scenarios, showcasing versatility and reliability.
The Drennan Pole Rig Carp 2 features a banded Glow Tip with a diameter of 1.75mm. This glow tip not only enhances visibility but also provides exceptional bite indication. You’ll never miss a subtle nibble or cautious bite from carp, as this rig is designed to transmit those delicate movements directly to your senses. With this remarkable glow tip, you can fish with confidence, knowing you have an edge in detecting even the most nuanced bites.
The diamond-shaped body of this rig adds another layer of excellence to its design. It ensures outstanding stability, even in adverse conditions, allowing you to maintain precise control over your presentation. No matter the external factors, you can trust this rig to hold steady, maximizing your chances of a successful catch.
Paired with the Drennan Pole Rig Carp 2 is a size 14 Wide Gape Pellet hook. This hook is specifically chosen to accommodate medium-sized baits, providing you with the flexibility to experiment with various options. Whether you’re using pellets, meat, sweetcorn, worms, or bunches of maggots, this hook is an ideal match, guaranteeing optimal performance and secure hook holds.
The Drennan Pole Rig Carp 2 is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its durability and reliable construction ensure it can withstand the demands of intense fishing sessions, while maintaining consistent performance.
Versatile, reliable, and tailored to perfection, the Drennan Pole Rig Carp 2 is a game-changer in the world of angling. Equip yourself with this exceptional rig, and embark on unforgettable fishing adventures with the confidence that you have the tools to succeed. Get ready to witness the remarkable difference this rig can make in your pursuit of carp and other prized catches.

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