Drennan Silverfish Hair Riggers


  • Designed for Hair Rigging
  • Perfect for Knotless knot
  • Sharply angled eye
  • Hook sits in line with hooklink
  • Eyed, Barbless, Bronze
  • Swept crystal bend
  • Medium/Long shank
  • Forged
  • Super sharp point
  • Pack of 10


Introducing the Drennan Silverfish Hair Riggers hooks – meticulously crafted for the art of Hair Rigs through the innovative Knotless-knot technique.
At first glance, the sharply angled eye might seem unconventional, but it serves a purpose that enhances your angling experience. By enabling the hook to rest perfectly aligned with the hooklink, this unique design significantly elevates your bait presentation and hooking efficiency.
Rest assured, these hooks come with an “Eyed Barbless” design, catering to the catch-and-release ethos while ensuring your fishing endeavors remain environmentally conscious. The hooks sport a resolute Bronze finish, blending seamlessly with the aquatic environment.
The distinct “Swept Crystal Bend” not only adds to the hook’s visual appeal but also contributes to its functional superiority. This bend, coupled with the medium to long shank, offers a strategic balance between flexibility and control, crucial for successful hooksets.
Precision engineering is at the core of these hooks. Each piece is “Forged” to guarantee exceptional strength and durability. The “Chemically Etched Long Needle Point” further exemplifies this commitment to excellence. It ensures swift and decisive penetration, turning even the subtlest nibble into a secure hook hold.
Whether you’re an avid angler targeting elusive silverfish or a dedicated enthusiast seeking optimal hook performance, the Drennan Silverfish Hair Riggers hooks stand as a testament to meticulous design and unwavering dedication to the art of fishing. Elevate your angling game with hooks that redefine presentation, hooking, and overall fishing prowess.

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12, 14, 16, 18

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