Drennan Loaded Pellet Waggler


  • Drennan Loaded Pellet Wagglers
  • Designed for pellets shallow
  • Translucent body
  • Perfect for wary carp feeding in shallow water
  • Best fixed Grippa Stops either side of the float
  • Swap float sizes quickly and efficiently without having to rethread the waggler onto the line


The Drennan Loaded Pellet Waggler floats are specifically designed to excel in pellet fishing scenarios, particularly in shallow water. With their specialized features, these floats offer anglers an advantage when targeting wary carp and other fish species feeding close to the surface.
Featuring a translucent body, the Drennan Loaded Pellet Waggler floats provide an unobtrusive presence in the water, minimizing the chances of spooking fish. This allows for a more natural presentation and increases the likelihood of enticing bites from cautious fish.
The floats are perfectly suited for targeting carp that are actively feeding in shallow water. Their design and buoyancy allow for precise bait placement at the desired depth, increasing your chances of enticing a strike.
Equipped with fixed Grippa Stops on either side of the float, these waggler floats provide a convenient and efficient solution for quickly changing float sizes. This eliminates the need to rethread the waggler onto the line, saving valuable time and effort on the fishing spot.
Whether you need to upsize or downsize your float to adapt to changing fishing conditions, the Drennan Loaded Pellet Waggler floats enable you to make quick adjustments without interrupting your fishing rhythm.
Experience the versatility and convenience of the Drennan Loaded Pellet Waggler floats on your next angling session. Their specialized design, translucent body, and efficient float size swapping capability make them a valuable tool in your fishing arsenal, helping you optimize your chances of success.

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