Drennan Loaded Glow Tip


  • Glow Tip Carp Wagglers
  • Transparent Crystal®-style construction
  • 6.6mm diameter body with a light brown tint
  • Cast long and straight
  • Interchangeable size engraved bomb weights
  • Interchangeable Combo Tips


The Drennan loaded Glow Tip Carp Wagglers are specially designed to elevate your carp fishing experience. With their transparent Crystal®-style construction, these floats offer exceptional visibility and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest of movements.
Measuring at 6.6mm in diameter and featuring a light brown tint, these wagglers provide a perfect blend of visibility and subtlety. They are designed to cast long and straight, enabling you to reach distant feeding areas with accuracy and precision.
The Drennan loaded Glow Tip Carp Wagglers come with interchangeable size-engraved bomb weights. This feature allows you to customize the weight of the float according to your fishing conditions and target species. By adjusting the weight, you can achieve optimal buoyancy and control for your fishing setup.
Additionally, these floats are equipped with interchangeable Combo Tips, providing you with versatility and adaptability on the water. You can easily switch between different tip styles to suit different fishing situations and preferences.
Whether you’re fishing in lakes, rivers, or commercial fisheries, the Drennan loaded Glow Tip Carp Wagglers are an excellent choice. They offer durability, reliability, and enhanced visibility to help you effectively target carp and increase your chances of success.
Invest in the Drennan loaded Glow Tip Carp Wagglers and experience the difference they can make in your carp fishing endeavors. With their advanced features and top-notch construction, these wagglers are sure to become an invaluable asset in your tackle box.

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