Fox Banksticks


  • 16mm bank sticks
  • Black Anodized Aluminium
  • Strong sharp point
  • Knurled thread
  • Easy tightening
  • Restyled Cam Lok


Introducing the Fox Banksticks, a pinnacle of angling innovation designed to elevate your fishing experience. Crafted with precision from high-quality 16mm Black Anodised Aluminium, these bank sticks are more than just sturdy supports; they’re a testament to Fox’s commitment to excellence in fishing accessories.

The robustness of the bank sticks is immediately evident with their strong and sharp points, ensuring a secure and stable placement in a variety of terrains. Whether you’re fishing on the bank of a river, lake, or in a more challenging landscape, these bank sticks provide the foundation for a reliable setup.

Designed with angler convenience in mind, the knurled thread on these bank sticks facilitates easy tightening to buzz bars, alarms, and other accessories. This feature not only streamlines your setup process but also enhances the overall efficiency of your angling gear.

The bank sticks boast a reduced size and a restyled Cam Lok mechanism, a combination that not only adds a touch of modern aesthetics but also ensures superior performance. The Cam Lok design, in particular, guarantees a secure grip, instilling confidence in the stability of your entire fishing rig.

What sets these bank sticks apart is their compatibility with a wide array of modern threaded fishing accessories. From bite alarms to storm caps and rod rests, these bank sticks seamlessly integrate with various components, allowing you to customise your setup according to your preferences and the specific demands of each fishing scenario.

Upgrade your fishing gear with Fox Banksticks, and immerse yourself in the reliability, strength, and adaptability that these meticulously designed accessories bring to your angling endeavours. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, these bank sticks are a valuable addition to your toolkit, ensuring that you can tackle any fishing situation with confidence and finesse.

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9in, 12in, 18in, 24in, 36in

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