Drennan Artificial Maggot


  • Mixed shapes and sizes
  • Pineapple flavour
  • Ideal with live maggots
  • Ideal for Carp, Tench, Bream
  • 27 per pack


The Drennan Artificial Maggot bait is a fantastic alternative to live bait for those who prefer artificial options. Packed with 27 buoyant maggots, this bait provides anglers with the perfect substitute for live maggots. Available in Naturals, Fluorescents, or Bloodworm Red, these fake maggots come in various shapes and sizes.
The versatility of the Buoyant Maggot is impressive, as the three different sizes can be used on a wide range of hooks. They can be used as sinking baits, critically balanced presentations, or popped up attractants. Additionally, they can be effectively combined with live maggots or used alongside real or artificial sweetcorn to create enticing bait combinations.
Designed for Carp, Tench, and Bream fishing, these maggots are coated in food starch and infused with pineapple flavouring. This proven attractant enhances their appeal and can be further enhanced by immersing them in concentrated flavours. Whether you choose to boost their scent or ride them with additional flavours, the Drennan Artificial Maggots are sure to attract the attention of hungry fish.
Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the Drennan Artificial Maggot bait, and discover a world of possibilities in your angling. Say goodbye to live bait and embrace the versatility of these buoyant alternatives, which offer a reliable and attractive option for a variety of fish species.

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Natural, Fluorescent, Bloodworm Red

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