Fox Naturals Braided Leader


  • Woven Dyneema ultra-hard wearing braid
  • Perfect for shock and snag leader
  • Great as heavy duty hooklength
  • Dark green and unobtrusive
  • 20m per spool


The Fox Naturals Braided Leader is a high-quality angling accessory crafted from woven Dyneema, resulting in an ultra-hard wearing braided line that meets the demands of the most rigorous fishing situations.

This braided leader serves multiple purposes with excellence. It is the ideal choice for use as a shock/snag leader, providing the necessary strength and durability to handle the challenges presented by underwater obstacles and aggressive fish. Additionally, it shines as a heavy-duty hooklength, ensuring that your terminal tackle is up to the task when targeting formidable species.

One of the standout features of the Fox Naturals Braided Leader is its “Naturals” colouration, sporting a dark green hue that merges seamlessly with the underwater environment. This ensures that your rig remains unobtrusive and avoids spooking wary fish, a crucial factor for successful angling.

The Fox Naturals Braided Leader is available in three breaking strains to cater to your specific needs: 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb. This versatility allows you to select the perfect strength for your chosen angling situation, whether you’re pursuing carp, pike, or other formidable fish.

Each spool of Braided Leader offers a generous 20 meters of line, providing you with ample supply for multiple angling sessions, eliminating the need for frequent re-spooling and ensuring you’re always prepared for your next adventure.

In summary, this Fox braided leader is more than just a fishing line; it’s a reliable companion for the dedicated angler. Its woven Dyneema construction, “Naturals” colouration, and choice of breaking strains make it a versatile tool suitable for various angling applications. Whether you’re battling underwater obstacles or going after heavyweights, this braided leader offers the strength and durability you require. Enhance your angling success by ordering the Fox Naturals Braided Leader today and experience the difference a high-quality leader can make in your pursuit of prized catches.

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50lb, 40lb, 30lb

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