ESP Surface Mixers


  • Buoyant mixer hookbaits
  • Designed for surface feeding carp
  • Durable and soft
  • Easily pierced and mounted
  • Can be glugged
  • 12 per pack

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The ESP Surface Mixer is a range of buoyant artificial mixer hookbaits specifically designed for surface feeding carp. These hookbaits are available in two sizes that perfectly complement size 8 and 10 Cryogen Surface hooks, ensuring an ideal combination for effective fishing.
Constructed to be both durable and soft, these hookbaits can be easily pierced by the hook point and securely mounted on the shank. This feature is especially important when distance casting, as the hookbait will maintain its position even during powerful casts.
The ESP Surface Mixer is supplied in two shades of brown, carefully chosen to match a variety of pet biscuit and pellet loose feed commonly used for surface fishing. This ensures a realistic presentation that carp find enticing. Furthermore, these hookbaits can be glugged up with additional flavours to enhance their attraction and entice even the most cautious carp.
Each pack of ESP Surface Mixer contains 12 hookbaits, providing you with an ample supply for multiple fishing sessions. With their buoyancy, perfect sizing, secure mounting capability, and options for customization, these hookbaits are a reliable choice for anglers targeting surface feeding carp.
Elevate your surface fishing game with the ESP Surface Mixer. Experience the confidence that comes with using high-quality, effective hookbaits designed to attract and hook carp successfully.

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