Nash Strong Hold Hook Bead


  • Maximum grip hook beads
  • Secures rig rings or bait screws
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for Ronnie Rigs


The Nash Strong Hold Hook Bead is an indispensable tool for anglers seeking maximum grip and rig security. These specially designed tapered hook beads are crafted to provide exceptional grip, ensuring your rig rings or bait screws remain securely in place, even during those challenging long-distance casts.
What makes these hook beads particularly convenient is that one size fits all hook sizes. This eliminates the need for constant bead adjustments, streamlining your fishing experience.
These beads excel in enhancing the effectiveness of rigs like Ronnie Rigs and 360 style presentations, making them an ideal choice for anglers employing these popular techniques. To further cater to your preferences, they are available in two distinct camouflage finishes, seamlessly integrating into your fishing setup.
The Nash Strong Hold Hook Bead is your reliable solution for bolstering rig security and presentation, offering peace of mind during those crucial moments on the water.

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Green, Silt

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