Matrix Ethos XRF Feeder


  • All rounder for Carp and Silvers
  • Premium storage bag
  • 11ft light to medium
  • Casts to 45g
  • Collapsed length 169cm
  • 1 and 1.5oz tips
  • 2 piece; Weight 176g
  • 11ft 10in medium
  • Casts to 55g
  • Collapsed length 184cm
  • 1 and 2oz tips
  • 2 piece; Weight 192g
  • 12ft 6in medium to long range
  • Casts to 65g
  • Collapsed length 131cm
  • 1.5 and 2oz tips
  • 3 piece; Weight 228g


Matrix Ethos XRF Feeder Fishing Rods, your ultimate choice for versatile angling experiences, whether you’re pursuing Carp or Silverfish. These rods come with a set of standout features:

  1. Oversized XQG SG Guides: These high-quality guides are designed to accommodate various fishing scenarios, ensuring you have a smooth and reliable casting experience.
  2. Durable Rubber Cork and EVA Composite Handle: The handle offers a comfortable grip while ensuring longevity, even in challenging fishing conditions.
  3. Premium Storage Bag: Each rod is thoughtfully provided with a premium storage bag, making transportation and storage a breeze.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of each model within the Matrix Ethos XRF Feeder rod series:

XR-F 3.3m 11ft Feeder:

  • This rod is built around a progressive blank, tailored for light to medium feeder fishing.
  • Designed to cast weights of up to 45g, making it versatile for a range of angling situations.
  • It’s a two-piece rod that conveniently breaks down into equal sections.
  • The collapsed length is 169cm, ensuring easy portability.
  • You’ll receive two 2.8mm carbon tips, weighing 1.0oz and 1.5oz, providing flexibility for your fishing needs.
  • The rod itself weighs a mere 176g, making it a lightweight companion for your angling adventures.

XR-F 3.6m 11ft 10in Feeder:

  • Like its counterpart, this rod utilizes a progressive blank, but it’s best suited for medium feeder fishing.
  • It’s designed for casting weights of up to 55g, expanding your casting capabilities.
  • The two-piece design ensures easy assembly and disassembly.
  • With a collapsed length of 184cm, it remains highly portable.
  • You’ll receive two 2.8mm carbon tips, weighing 1.0oz and 2.0oz, adding versatility to your angling tactics.
  • The rod’s weight is 192g, making it a balanced and reliable tool for your fishing outings.

XR-F 3.8m 12ft 6in Feeder:

  • This rod, featuring a progressive blank, is your ideal choice for medium to long feeder fishing.
  • It’s designed for casting weights of up to 65g, allowing you to reach greater distances.
  • The three-piece design offers convenient breakdown and assembly, and it breaks down to a compact 131cm.
  • You’ll receive two 2.8mm carbon tips, weighing 1.5oz and 2.0oz, enhancing your adaptability in various fishing scenarios.
  • The rod weighs 228g, striking a balance between sturdiness and ease of use.

In summary, the Matrix Ethos XRF Feeder Fishing Rods cater to a wide range of angling preferences and styles, ensuring you’re equipped with the right tool for your Carp or Silverfish fishing adventures. With their exceptional features and thoughtful design, these rods offer a premium angling experience.

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11ft, 11ft 10in, 12ft 6in

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