Matrix Ethos XR-D Distance Feeder


  • Perfect distance feeder rod
  • Great accuracy and distance
  • Three equal sections.
  • Collapsed length 139cm
  • Casts to 100g
  • Weight 242.
  • Rubber cork and EVA handle

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The Matrix Ethos XR-D Distance Feeder fishing rod is the ultimate choice for anglers seeking superior casting distance. With reinforced sections, this rod is specifically developed for optimal performance in distance feeder fishing. Whether you’re targeting Carp or Silvers, the Ethos XR-D is the perfect all-round distance feeder rod.

Equipped with oversized extra strong XBG SG guides, this rod ensures smooth line flow and enhances casting performance. It comes supplied with two 3.4mm carbon distance tips, offering versatility with weights of 1.5oz and 2.5oz. The Ethos XR-D features a durable rubber cork and EVA composite handle, providing a comfortable and secure grip during long fishing sessions.

To ensure easy transportation and storage, the Matrix Ethos XR-D Distance Feeder rod comes with a premium storage bag. Whether you’re fishing at a competitive level or enjoying a leisurely day on the water, this rod is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and distance.

The three-piece rod design allows for convenient breakdown and easy transportation. When collapsed, the rod measures 139cm in length. It is specifically designed for casting weights up to 100g, providing the power and control necessary for successful distance feeder fishing. With a weight of 242g, this rod strikes the perfect balance between strength and maneuverability.

Choose the Matrix Ethos XR-D Distance Feeder fishing rod for outstanding performance when accuracy and distance are paramount. Experience the benefits of its reinforced construction, versatile tips, comfortable handle, and premium storage bag. Elevate your fishing game with this high-quality rod and enjoy the ultimate distance feeder fishing experience.

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