Fox Flat Pear Inline


  • Perfect for solid bag fishing
  • Camo non reflective coating
  • Swivel pulls inside in line insert
  • Use with size 7 and 10 swivels


Introducing the Fox Flat Pear Inline Lead, a versatile addition to your angling gear. This flat pear inline lead is designed with solid bag fishing in mind, making it an excellent choice for carp anglers looking for reliable terminal tackle.

One of its standout features is the molded 3D camo finish, which not only provides a camouflaged appearance but also enhances its overall durability. The flat pear shape ensures that weight is applied as soon as a fish picks up your rig, increasing the chances of a successful hookset.

The lead’s camo non-reflective rubberized matte coating further contributes to its stealthy profile, preventing unwanted reflections that might spook wary fish. Additionally, the swivel pulls inside the in-line insert, ensuring that the ring and swivels sit “sub-flush” when used in a “drop-off” style setup, reducing the risk of tangles and improving presentation.

These inserts are compatible with both size 7 and 10 swivels, offering flexibility in your rig setups. For added fish safety, the rubber inline inserts can be easily pulled out of the leads when necessary, ensuring the well-being of the fish you’re targeting.

With the Fox Flat Pear Inline Lead, you’re investing in a versatile and well-designed lead that caters to the needs of modern carp anglers. Its durability, camouflage finish, and user-friendly features make it an excellent addition to your fishing arsenal. Trust in Fox’s commitment to quality and innovation to enhance your angling experience.

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