Korum Inline Inserts


  • Highly versatile inserts
  • Use with weights, controller floats or feeders
  • Convert inline systems to safer setup
  • Flexible material will not split.
  • Accepts various swivel sizes
  • Supplied with power swivels

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The Korum Inline Inserts are a highly versatile accessory designed to enhance your fishing setup. With a multitude of applications, these inserts are compatible with various Korum weights, controller floats, feeders, and can even be used to convert existing inline systems to a safer, tail rubber-free configuration.

Crafted from a flexible and durable material, the Korum Inline Inserts are built to withstand the demands of angling without the risk of splitting or compromising their performance. They feature a front recess that can accommodate numerous sizes of swivels, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. For your convenience, these inserts come supplied with matt black power swivels, known for their strength and resilience.

Say goodbye to traditional tail rubbers and embrace the streamlined setup provided by these Inline Inserts. Not only do they enhance safety, but they also offer versatility, allowing you to adapt your fishing technique and explore different setups with ease. Whether you’re adjusting your approach or looking for a reliable alternative, these inserts provide the convenience and reliability you need to achieve optimal results on the water.

Upgrade your fishing gear with these Inline Inserts and enjoy the benefits of a tail rubber-free setup. Their flexible and durable construction ensures longevity, while the compatibility with various Korum accessories expands your fishing possibilities. Take your angling experience to the next level with the exceptional functionality and convenience offered by the Korum Inline Inserts.

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