Guru Flat Pear Bomb


  • Flat shape prevents rolling
  • Great for hooking fish
  • Ideal in any river
  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Camo finish
  • Pack of 2


The Guru Flat Pear Bomb is not just your average fishing weight – it’s a game-changer that will revolutionize your angling experience. Designed with a unique flat pear shape, these bombs offer a wide range of benefits that will significantly improve your fishing success.

One of the key advantages of the Guru Flat Pear Bomb is its exceptional hooking capabilities. The flat shape provides a larger surface area for the fish to take the bait, increasing your chances of secure hookholds and successful landings. Additionally, the flat design prevents the bomb from rolling on the bottom, ensuring it stays in place and maintains your presentation.

For river fishing enthusiasts, these Guru Flat Pears is a must-have tool. Its flat shape allows it to glide effortlessly through the water, without being affected by the flow. This means you can fish with confidence, knowing that your weight won’t get caught or dragged away by the current.

Attaching the Guru Flat Pear Bomb to your rig is a breeze, thanks to the oversized swivel. This feature allows for quick and easy setup, saving you valuable time on the bank and allowing you to focus on what really matters – catching fish.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Guru Flat Pear Bomb is finished in Guru Commercial Camo. This camouflaged coating ensures that the weight blends seamlessly with the underwater environment, making it less likely to spook wary fish. Your presentation will be subtle and inconspicuous, increasing your chances of enticing even the most cautious fish to bite.

Each pack of Guru Flat Pears contains two weights, giving you ample supply for your fishing adventures. Whether you’re targeting carp, bream, tench, or any other species, these bombs will provide you with the confidence and reliability you need on the bank.

Upgrade your fishing gear and add the Guru Flat Pear Bomb to your tackle box today. Experience the difference it makes in your angling success, and get ready to hook more fish and enjoy a more productive fishing experience. Don’t miss out on this essential tool that will take your fishing to new heights.

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