Gardner Dark Longshank Mugga


  • Covert dark matt finish
  • Long sharp straight point
  • Long curved shank
  • Micro barb
  • Extra strong forged wire
  • Pack of 10 hooks


The Gardner Dark Longshank Mugga has received notable improvements in the new Covert Dark version, aligning with the enhancements made across Gardner’s Covert Dark hook patterns.
One of the key adjustments is the switch to the Covert Dark plating, characterised by a stripped-down finish. This plating retains excellent camouflage with its dark matt appearance while preserving the sharpness of the hook points. Covert Dark employs a single electroplated layer, minimszing handling during finishing to maintain optimal sharpness.
Furthermore, the Longshank Mugga hook’s point has undergone significant refinement. The points are now longer, slimmer, and even sharper, enhancing their ability to penetrate quickly and effectively.
Gardner has also incorporated a micro barb into all the new Covert Dark Hooks, offering advantages in terms of fish welfare and hook strength. Micro barbs are preferred in many commercial fisheries for their gentler impact on the fish’s mouth and their added robustness, as they require less wire removal to form the barb.
The Longshank Mugga’s extended curved shank is designed to provide excellent anti-ejection properties, ensuring strong hook holds. When a carp takes the bait, the aggressive twisting and turning action of the pattern helps secure the hook point in the bottom lip, delivering a secure and reliable hook hold.
These hooks offer versatility in mounting hookbaits, whether it’s using a conventional hair setup with silicone tubing or employing sliding rig rings and rig swivels, which can be secured in place with a Covert Hook Stop for enhanced anti-eject capabilities. The Longshank Mugga hooks are particularly well-suited for 360 rigs.
Gardner Covert Dark Longshank Mugga hooks feature:
COVERT DARK matt finish.
Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point.
Long curved shank.
Micro Barb.
Manufactured from Extra strong forged, double tempered high carbon steel wire for strength.
Available in Sizes 4, 6, and 8 in Barbed or Barbless.
Supplied as 10 hooks per packet.

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Size 4, Size 6, Size 8

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