Rage Funky Worm


  • Durable buoyant plastic
  • Highly attractive tentacles
  • Ribbed worm profile
  • Offset hook slot
  • 7cm: 8 per pack
  • 9cm: 6 per pack)
  • Resealable packet
  • Store away from other soft baits
  • Choose Size then Colour


Rage Funky Worm. An exceptional range of floating soft lures that are designed with precision to exhibit specific actions and allure predators into striking – the Ultra UV Funky Worm.

Crafted from super durable buoyant plastic, these lures are not only built to last but also meticulously engineered to entice fish with their delicate yet durable tentacles that produce unmatched movement in the water. The ribbed worm profile adds further appeal, resembling natural prey and triggering the predator instincts of fish.

The versatility of the Rage Funky Worm shines through its design, offering multiple rigging options to cater to various fishing techniques. The offset hook slot ensures secure attachment and optimal presentation, giving you the confidence to target a wide range of species.

Available in two sizes, you have the choice of the 7cm variant containing 8 pieces per pack or the 9cm option that offers 6 pieces per pack. This variety allows you to tailor your bait selection to suit your fishing requirements and preferences.

Adding to its allure, the Ultra UV Funky Worm is presented in six captivating colours: Candy Floss, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse, Sparkling Oil, Salt N Pepper, and Golden Glitter. Each colour is meticulously designed to captivate the attention of fish and enhance your fishing experience.

For your convenience, these lures are thoughtfully packaged in resealable packets to preserve their freshness and effectiveness. Furthermore, it’s recommended to store the Ultra UV Funky Worm separately from other soft baits to prevent any potential interactions that might compromise their quality.

In conclusion, the Ultra UV Funky Worm presents an unmatched fusion of innovation and effectiveness in the realm of fishing lures. With its meticulous design, superior movement, and attractive colour range, it stands as your go-to companion for luring in those elusive catches. Experience the difference with this remarkable range of floating soft lures and elevate your fishing game to new heights.

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7cm, 9cm


Candy Floss, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse, Sparkling Oil, Salt and Pepper, Golden Glitter

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