Guru F1 Wire


  • Perfect for F1 and silvers
  • Hollow plastic bristle
  • Slim body gives little resistance
  • Very stable wire stem
  • Perfect in the wind


The Guru F1 Wire Stem Floats are UK-made floats crafted to the renowned specifications of Mick Wilkinson. These floats are built with super durable high-density foam and feature extra strong side eyes, ensuring exceptional quality throughout. They are highly regarded for their popularity and performance.
Designed specifically for F1 fishing, the Guru F1 Wire Stem Floats are also perfect for targeting silverfish. The floats boast visible medium hollow plastic bristles, providing easy visibility and efficient bite detection.
With their slim bodies, these floats offer minimal resistance and finesse in the water. This design allows for a delicate presentation and enhances sensitivity to even the most subtle bites. The slim profile is ideal for finesse fishing techniques.
The wire stems of the F1 Wire Stem Floats provide excellent stability, making them well-suited for fishing on the bottom or in windy conditions. They offer the necessary support to keep the float steady and ensure accurate presentation.
For scenarios where a slower settling of the float is desired, the carbon stems are the preferred choice. They allow the float to settle slower when used with strung-out shot patterns, making them suitable for fishing on the drop.
In summary, the Guru F1 Wire Stem Floats are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Crafted with durable materials, these floats are designed for F1 fishing and silverfish work. With their visible bristles, slim bodies, and a choice of wire or carbon stems, they provide reliability, sensitivity, and versatility on the water. Elevate your angling experience with the Guru F1 Wire Stem Floats and enjoy their exceptional performance and reliability.

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