Fox Swivels


  • Non reflective coating
  • Rotates smoothly under tension
  • Perfectly formed eyes
  • Pack of 20


Discover the exceptional Fox Swivels, an integral component of the esteemed Edges range of fishing tackle, meticulously crafted to elevate your carp fishing rig setups to unparalleled heights of performance and reliability.

The Fox Swivels stand out as a pinnacle of innovation, boasting a non-reflective coating that ensures optimum stealth in any underwater environment. This strategic feature enables you to remain virtually undetectable by wary carp, enhancing your chances of successful hook-ups.

Engineered for flawless functionality, the Fox Swivels feature barrels that exhibit smooth rotation even under tension, a critical attribute that minimizes the risk of line twists and tangles. This aspect not only enhances the overall efficiency of your rigs but also significantly reduces the likelihood of frustrating mishaps during those crucial moments of battle.

The meticulous construction of the Fox Swivels extends to their perfectly formed eyes, which serve as a testament to their precision design. These eyes are tailored to facilitate seamless attachment, contributing to the hassle-free assembly of your rigs. With these swivels in your arsenal, you’ll experience enhanced ease and efficiency when setting up your fishing tackle.

A true must-have for any carp fishing enthusiast, the Fox Swivels offer an unparalleled level of performance and reliability that aligns seamlessly with the demands of your angling pursuits. This reliability factor can make a remarkable difference in the outcome of your fishing sessions, providing you with the edge needed to outwit and outmaneuver even the most elusive of carp.

To cater to your angling needs, the Fox Swivels are thoughtfully packaged in a pack of 20, ensuring that you’re well-equipped for multiple fishing adventures. This generous quantity enables you to experiment with various rig configurations and tactics, giving you the versatility required to adapt to changing fishing conditions.

Incorporate the Fox Swivels into your arsenal today and experience the transformational impact of their non-reflective coating, smooth rotation, and perfectly formed eyes. Elevate your carp fishing rig setups with this indispensable addition from Fox, and approach your angling pursuits with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

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