Rage Run Rings Buffer Beads


  • Minimal resistance ledgering
  • Reduces dropped runs
  • Converts more pick ups into hooked fish

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The Rage Run Rings Buffer Beads are a critical component for pike ledgering, engineered to provide minimal resistance. By doing so, these buffer beads ensure that pike encounters less drag when taking the bait, which can make a significant difference in your success as an angler.
Key Features:
Reduced Resistance: One of the primary advantages of these buffer beads is their ability to offer minimal resistance to pike when ledgering. This design allows for smoother and quicker runs, minimizing the likelihood of pike dropping the bait before you can set the hook.
Enhanced Hooking Efficiency: With the Rage Run Rings Buffer Beads, you’ll experience a notable reduction in the number of dropped runs. The reduced resistance increases the chances of converting more pick-ups into successfully hooked fish, ultimately leading to a more successful day of angling.
These buffer beads are an essential tool for any pike angler, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your ledgering setup. They ensure that pike are less likely to spit out the bait before you can respond, increasing your chances of landing your catch successfully.

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