Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace


  • Essential item for paternosting
  • Prevents bite offs
  • 49-strand steel wire
  • Large swivel
  • Large quick change clip
  • 40lbs / 15kgs

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The Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace is the essential component for creating the perfect pike fishing rig, ensuring you’re well-prepared for successful angling. This versatile item is particularly valuable for paternosting and offers several key features:
Essential for Paternosting: The Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace is a must-have for paternosting, making this technique more effective and increasing your chances of success.
Prevents Bite Offs: With its robust 49-strand steel wire, this uptrace is designed to prevent bite-offs, ensuring that your tackle remains intact even when dealing with aggressive predators.
Large Swivel: The inclusion of a large swivel enhances the freedom of movement and rotation, reducing the risk of tangles and ensuring a seamless angling experience.
Quick Change Clip: The large quick change clip provides convenience and efficiency, allowing you to switch out components quickly and adapt to changing fishing conditions.
Strong Load Capacity: With a load capacity of 40lbs (15kgs), this uptrace is more than capable of handling the force of pike fishing, giving you the confidence that your tackle is up to the challenge.
The Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace is a vital component in creating a successful pike fishing rig. Whether you’re using it for paternosting or seeking to prevent bite-offs, its robust construction and thoughtful design offer the reliability and durability needed for a productive day of angling.

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