Rage Drop Arm Indicator


  • Extremely lightweight indicator
  • Minimal resistance
  • Bright orange body
  • Lightweight arm and bally
  • Can be used with front alarm
  • Clip fits most banksticks

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Introducing the Rage Drop Arm Indicator, the perfect solution for anglers seeking an ultra-lightweight and highly responsive bite indicator. Designed with the angler’s needs in mind, these indicators offer minimal resistance and come with a range of features that enhance your fishing experience.
Key Features:
Ultra-Lightweight Design: These indicators are exceptionally lightweight, minimising any drag or resistance when you’re waiting for that crucial bite. You’ll barely notice them as you enjoy your time by the water.
High Visibility: The bright orange body of the Rage Drop Arm Indicator ensures you can easily spot any movements or indications of a bite, even in low-light conditions.
Lightweight Arm and Ball: The weight of the arm and ball is optimised for responsiveness. It ensures that even the slightest nibble or pull is registered, allowing you to react quickly and effectively.
Versatile Compatibility: These indicators are designed to work seamlessly with front alarms, making them an adaptable choice for anglers who prefer using additional electronic bite alarms for enhanced accuracy.
Secure Attachment: The rear clip is compatible with most banksticks, ensuring a secure and stable attachment to your fishing setup. You can trust that these indicators will remain in place, even in challenging conditions.
Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, the Rage Drop Arm Indicator offers the sensitivity and reliability you need to stay alert to every potential bite. With their lightweight, high-visibility design, they enhance your fishing experience, ensuring you’re always ready to set the hook and land your catch.

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