Fox Stage Stand and Insert


  • Ideal on wooden platforms
  • Designed to be as low as possible
  • Position rod tips close to water
  • Supplied with screw
  • Fits flush to stage stand
  • Takes insert or bankstick
  • Can be screwed into platform without screwdriver

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The Fox Stage Stand and Insert provide a safe and secure solution for setting up banksticks or buzz bars on wooden platforms. You have the option to choose stage stands with or without an insert, and the insert is thoughtfully designed to be as low as possible.
This design feature allows you to position your alarms low to the staging, ensuring that your rod tips can be positioned close to the water for optimal angling experience. Both the stage stands and the inserts come with a screw that fits flush into the bottom of the stage stand, adding to the overall stability and security of your setup.
The stage stands can accommodate either an insert or a Black Label bankstick. When you place a bankstick or insert in the stage stand, the Cam-lok feature locks the screw into the base of the stage stand, further enhancing the setup’s integrity.
With this innovative design, the entire assembly can be easily screwed into the platform, eliminating the need for a screwdriver. This hassle-free setup ensures quick and efficient preparation, so you can focus on your fishing adventure without any unnecessary delays.
The Fox Stage Stand and Insert are compatible with all new Black Label banksticks, including QR Power Point banksticks, offering you flexibility and compatibility with various bankstick options.
Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that come with the Fox Stage Stand and Insert, as they provide a reliable and secure foundation for your banksticks or buzz bars on wooden platforms, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your fishing experience.

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