ESP Synchro Surface XT


  • Top quality mono line
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Smooth casting and line pick up
  • Subtle grey tint


Introducing the ESP Synchro Surface XT, a top-quality monofilament line that excels in various fishing situations. This line offers excellent knot strength, ensuring secure connections and reliable performance.

Designed to withstand abrasion, the Syncro Surface-XT Mono strikes a balance between toughness and suppleness. It provides the necessary durability to handle rough conditions while remaining flexible for smooth casting and easy line pick-up.

With its optimum stretch, this line offers superb casting performance, allowing for accurate and controlled casts. The subtle grey tint of the line adds an inconspicuous touch, reducing visibility in the water and minimizing any potential disturbance.

The ESP Synchro Surface XT is available in 250m spools in three different breaking strains: 10lb / 4.5kg (0.28mm), 12lb / 5.5kg (0.30mm), and 14lb / 6.4kg (0.32mm). This range of options allows you to select the appropriate breaking strain for your fishing needs and target species.

Experience the reliability and performance of ESP Syncro Surface-XT Mono. With its excellent knot strength, good abrasion resistance, supple nature, and optimum stretch, this line is a dependable choice for anglers. Choose the subtle grey tint and the desired breaking strain to suit your fishing preferences and enjoy a smooth and successful fishing experience.

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10lb, 12lb, 14lb

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