ESP Cryogen Surface


  • Designed for surface and zig fishing
  • Short shank wide gape
  • Heavily forged for extra strength
  • Ultra sharp for excellent hooking
  • Pack of 10


The ESP Cryogen Surface Hook is a purpose-built hook designed specifically for surface and zig fishing. With its short shank and wide gape, this hook offers a robust and powerful design. The heavy forging ensures exceptional strength, making it capable of handling challenging fishing situations.

This hook is designed to perfectly complement the ESP Surface Mixers and works well with various other hookbaits. Manufactured using a twin tempering process, it undergoes a specialized treatment that enhances its strength and point durability. The ultra-sharp, long fine points guarantee excellent hook holds, increasing your chances of landing your target catch.

The straight eye of the ESP Cryogen Surface Hook accommodates various knot types, including knotless, grinner, and palomar knots, making it versatile and user-friendly. Additionally, it serves as an outstanding choice for zig fishing, expanding its utility even further.

You can find the ESP Cryogen Surface Hook in sizes 8 and 10, available in both micro barbed and barbless options. Each pack contains 10 hooks, providing you with an ample supply to support your angling endeavors.

Equip yourself with these Cryogen Surface Hooks, and enjoy the benefits of its tailored design for surface and zig fishing. Experience its strength, durability, and excellent hook holds as you target surface-feeding fish. With its superior construction and versatility, this hook is a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

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8, 10, 8 Barbless, 10 Barbless

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