ESP Shank Stops


  • Housed on a handy frame
  • Soft clingy material
  • Conical shape
  • Tight fit
  • Will not slip
  • 20 Mini
  • 20 Small

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ESP Shank Stops cater to an array of rigs that incorporate a sliding ring on the hook shank. This innovative solution enhances rig versatility and functionality, and its design is nothing short of thoughtful.
The convenience factor shines through with the inclusion of a smartly designed frame for housing these Shank Stops. No longer will anglers struggle with the hassle of extracting minuscule stops from a flip-top box. This frame accommodates a generous quantity of 40 stops, meticulously divided into 20 mini and 20 small variations. This considered assortment ensures that anglers have the perfect fit for their specific needs, with mini stops tailored to hook sizes 8 and 10, and the small stops catering to larger hooks.
The construction of ESP Shank Stops employs a soft and clingy material molded into a conical shape. This design is well-thought-out, as the holes at each end cleverly avoid meeting in the middle. This results in a central membrane that the hook point can easily pierce. This strategic design ensures a snug and secure fit on the hook shank, eliminating concerns of slippage during casting. Remarkably, this design negates the need for adhesive, streamlining the rigging process.
In essence, ESP Shank Stops revolutionize the ease and effectiveness of rig customization. With their user-friendly storage frame, varied sizing options, and ingenious design, these stops exemplify ESP’s commitment to crafting innovative solutions that simplify angling while elevating its outcomes.

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