Korda Bait Floss


  • Extra strong, unscented
  • Ultra-fine material with excellent grip
  • Versatile for various baits
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Improves bait presentation

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Korda Bait Floss is a highly versatile and reliable fishing accessory. It is ideal for all levels of experience and is designed to help anglers present their bait in the most effective way possible.

Excellent grip for securing bait is provided by the bait floss which is made from ultra fine material. It is ideal for use with a wide range of baits such as boilies, pellets, and small meat pieces. Tough fishing conditions are perfect for it because it is incredibly durable and strong.

Korda bait floss extra strong waxed unscented carp fishing tying material is incredibly easy to use. It can be very quickly wrapped around the fishing bait and tied in place. For any angler looking to improve their carp or specimen fishing game, it is a must have item.

This bait floss is supplied on a 30 metre spool so will it will keep you going for a number of fishing sessions.

The flavor or smell of your fishing bait in any way is not affected by the Floss. This is because it is totally unscented. All fish are very sensitive to scent and flavour, and even the slightest change in these factors can cause Carp and other species to avoid your bait.

In addition to its excellent grip properties and durability it is also waxed. This will ensure that your bait stays securely in place, even in fast-moving rivers or turbulent water. Your chances of landing a big catch will be increased by this very versatile and reliable fishing accessory.

Korda Bait Floss is a must have item in your fishing tackle box. Whether you are a fishing beginner or an experienced angler, it is sure to help you to present your bait more effectively and get you more takes.

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