ESP Cork Sticks


  • Simple to use
  • Precise balancing of carp baits
  • 4mm for smaller baits
  • 6mm for nuts, boilies, etc.
  • 8mm for larger 18mm boilies


ESP Cork Sticks offer a practical solution for bait customization. These natural cork sticks are conveniently 60mm long and come in three different diameters to match the Bait Drills. The varying sizes allow for versatile bait applications, particularly with boilies and nuts, enabling precise balancing or creating extra-buoyant pop-ups.

The ESP Cork Sticks are available in the following diameters:

4mm diameter (10 per pack): Ideal for filling drilled holes on a variety of smaller baits, providing a seamless and secure fit.
6mm diameter (8 per pack): Suitable for use with nuts, boilies, and similar baits, offering versatility in bait presentation.
8mm diameter (7 per pack): Designed for adding buoyancy to larger 18mm boilies, ensuring they stay afloat and visible to fish.
Whether you need to fine-tune the balance of your bait or enhance its visibility, ESP Cork Sticks offer a practical and reliable solution. The packs of Cork Sticks come in varying quantities, allowing you to choose the appropriate amount based on your fishing needs.

With these Cork Sticks, you can easily customise your bait setups and increase your chances of attracting fish. These natural cork sticks provide a user-friendly option for bait adjustments, ensuring your bait presentation is optimized for success on the water.

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4mm, 6mm, 8mm

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