Fox Stix Stringer Needle


  • Thread PVA sticks directly onto hooklink
  • Invaluable as a stringer needle
  • 135mm steel shaft
  • Hinged gate closure
  • Simple to pull hooklink loop through
  • Will not tear PVA
  • Ergonomic soft touch handle

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The Fox Stix Stringer Needle is a specialized tool designed to make PVA stick presentation easier and more efficient. With this needle, you can thread PVA sticks directly onto the hooklink, saving you time and effort in creating effective stringer rigs.
Measuring 135mm, the Stix Stringer Needle features a durable steel shaft with a hinged gate closure, ensuring secure and precise threading of PVA sticks. Its design makes it invaluable as a stringer needle, allowing you to create well-presented and attractive stringer setups for carp and other species.
One of the key advantages of the Fox Stix Stringer Needle is its ability to pull the hooklink loop through the PVA stick without causing any tearing or laddering of the PVA. This ensures that the PVA stick remains intact and delivers your bait effectively to the desired location.
The ergonomic soft-touch handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to handle the needle with ease during rig assembly. Whether you’re a seasoned carp angler or a newcomer looking to improve your PVA rig setup, this needle is an essential addition to your tackle box.
With the Fox Stix Stringer Needle, you can streamline your PVA stick presentation, increasing your chances of success on the bank. Save time, minimize hassle, and enhance your rig presentation with this reliable and user-friendly tool from Fox. Invest in the Fox Stix Stringer Needle today and take your carp fishing to the next level.

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