Drennan Winder Bungs


  • Extra tough
  • Ultra light
  • Holds numerous turns of elastic
  • Easy elastic adjustment
  • Removable winder section
  • Cut with knife or hacksaw
  • Fits sections from 10 to 30mm
  • Minimal effect on pole action
  • Positive twist extractor
  • Easy to remove


Drennan Winder Bung is a versatile tool designed to enhance your pole fishing experience. Crafted from an extra tough and ultra-light material, these bungs come in four sizes to fit a wide range of top sections.
Each Winder Bung can hold multiple turns of elastic, allowing you to make precise adjustments to the tension of your pole elastic. Whether you need to let out or wind in small lengths of elastic, these bungs provide excellent control. The Medium and Large sizes can even accommodate several turns of larger diameter Drennan Carp Bungee hollow elastic.
The winder section features a dovetail joint, allowing for easy separation and reassembly if needed. The tapered cone section includes small drainage channels on each side to prevent water from getting trapped inside the top sections.
The ribbed section on the tapered cones can be cut down to provide each size with a maximum and minimum diameter. This customization allows the Winder Bungs to fit pole sections and top kits with internal bores ranging from 10mm to 30mm.
Despite their functionality, these ultra-light Winder Bungs have minimal impact on the balance and action of your pole.
For standard take-apart poles, the Winder Bung fits inside the section just beyond joint depth and within easy reach of the extractor rod. The positive twist-lock location system of the extractor rod ensures effortless removal of the Winder Bung from its position inside the pole section.
The two-part design of these winders makes them interchangeable, offering a wider range of storage options and more flexibility for tension adjustments to the pole elastic.
By keeping spare elastic on the winder, you not only have the ability to adjust the tension but also to periodically cut back the elastic, eliminating any worn tip sections that may affect performance.
Invest in Drennan Winder Bung to enhance your pole fishing setup. Trust in their durability, versatility, and practicality, allowing you to make precise adjustments and maintain optimal performance of your pole elastic.

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