Drennan Method Bandit Feeder


  • Convenient pre tied hooklengths
  • Hair rigged latex bands
  • Perfect for method feeder


Drennan Method Bandit offer convenience and effectiveness for method feeder fishing. These pre-tied hooklengths come with hair-rigged latex bait bands, making them perfect for anglers using the method feeder technique.
Designed specifically for carp feeder fishing, the Carp Feeder Method Bandits are available in sizes 8 to 16, with hooklength diameters ranging from 0.22mm (8lb) to 0.20mm (7lb). Each hooklength measures 90mm (3.5 inches), which is the ideal length for an efficient method feeder or pellet feeder setup.
The hair-rigged latex band on the Drennan Method Bandit allows for easy mounting of various hook baits. Whether you prefer using hard pellets, dumbbell boilies, soft pellets, drilled boilies, or cubes of meat, these bands provide a versatile option. Use a Drennan Band Stretcher to stretch the band around hard baits or a Drennan Pellet Band Puller to pull it inside soft baits.
Each Drennan Method Bandit Feeder is hand-tied with precision and care. Just like the popular Carp Method Pushstop Hair Rigs, these hooklengths are packed straight to ensure they remain free from any kinks that could affect their performance on the water.
Experience the convenience and reliability of Drennan Method Bandits for your method feeder fishing. With their pre-tied design and hair-rigged latex bands, they offer a hassle-free solution that maximizes your chances of success.

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8, 10, 12, 14, 16

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